Mike Andersen, President/Broker

Mike Andersen is the President and Broker of Innovative Properties. He has spent over 30 years in the new construction residential brokerage arena. Mike has personally sold thousands of new homes in his career, and has managed and/or assisted in developing hundreds more. His consistent record of surpassing sales and marketing goals demonstrates that Mike is an innovative marketing strategist with proven ability to open markets and increase market share. His leadership has led our clients to reduction in overall expenses while continuing to increase sales.

Mike has also worked with equity investment firms in developing strategies, establishing values and determining the best solutions for investment goals and returns. His comprehensive menu of skills assists all our clients– builders, developers, asset managers, receivers and financial institutions –in making the best decisions for their bottom line. Mike has established a team of the best marketing minds and sales strategists committed to achieving success for their clients.

Melvianne Andersen, Development Analysis Director

Melvianne Andersen is our Director of Development Analysis. As a third generation real estate professional, she is an effective analyst, communicator and problem solver. An alumna of USC, Melvianne specializes in land acquisition, site analysis and entitlement work. Having completed both the UC Irvine program in Light Construction Development Management and the USC Ross Program in Real Estate, Melvianne has extensive training in all aspects of the real estate development process. With over 20 years experience in real estate development, finance, sales and management she is skillful in streamlining operations while complying with internal policies and procedures.
As Director of Development Analysis, Melvianne assists our clients in determining the value of their development project. Melvianne has extensive hands-on experience in management business leadership as well as working with Board of Directors, attorneys, banks and government officials. Her skills bring a positive impact to the bottom line for our clients. In addition, she manages the DRE processing needs of our clients as well as financing approvals with FNMA, FHA and VA.

Chris Hawkins, Senior Sales Manager

Chris Hawkins is Senior Sales Manager for Innovative Properties. Chris began his real estate career in suburban Detroit obtaining his first sales license after college in 1989. Chris relocated to Phoenix, Arizona in 1992, for a position with the state’s largest production homebuilder, Shea Homes. Chris eventually became Regional Sales Manager with The Ryness Company. Chris has been with the Innovative Properties Team since 2006. Throughout his career he has successfully managed the sales and marketing of several large residential developers in the Southern California area. Chris has been in Sales for almost 20 years and has gained a wealth of knowledge during that period which clients truly appreciate and upon which they have come to rely.

Lindsey Gonzalez, Research Director

Lindsey Gonzalez is Research Director at Innovative Properties. Lindsey tracks the sales, prices and absorption rates of communities within the Greater Southern California area. She studies the markets and trends that are occurring in the development and sales industries. With her extensive research capabilities, Lindsey provides vital information to our clients about the trends and market shifts in our industry.


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