Innovative Properties utilizes a proven sales system that requires our sales teams to display a standard of care and interactivity with the prospective buyer that guarantees sales. We pride ourselves on the belief that being “hands-on” is an important difference in the success of selling in today’s marketplace.
Our sales system focuses on getting the buyer to the point of signing a contract. But we go beyond that. Our strategies enhance the buying experience, accelerate the sales process and maximize revenues. Our comprehensive training creates an environment of trust with our buyers enabling us to guide them through the entire process including working with your preferred lender and each step of the escrow process up to closing and beyond closing to customer service issues.
Our sales system delivers unmatched results for every aspect of a sales and marketing program. Since each undertaking is unique, our sales system is designed to be dynamic and adaptive to the various environments, market conditions, product types and client needs. Our innovative approaches inspire and motivate the buyer to engage and interact with our sales team, which increases the potential for greater success in selling your development on time and under budget. We provide exceptional real estate sales professionals that sell more homes while enhancing the overall customer experience.


Our sales team is provided with ongoing, superior education and training that enables them to succeed in any market. We conduct weekly sales training meetings to insure that they are familiar with and employing the critical path of sales. Our mastery of this critical path allows us to focus on the customer throughout their visit to our sales site. Our exceptional sales staff is continually trained and we constantly evaluate the effectiveness of our sales presentation ensuring that it provides consistent messaging for each community.

Financial Processing

Not only getting the units sold, but closing the loans quickly is imperative to the success of your property. Our established relationships with several lending institutions and mortgage brokers enable us to partner your development with the best lender in that marketplace.
In addition, our Team is able to assist you in getting the lending approvals necessary to provide the broadest spectrum of lending programs available to your buyers. We have successfully attained the approvals for FNMA, FHA and VA on multiple development projects.

Escrow Management

We track and monitor all facets of the escrow process for you from signing of the purchase contract to the close of escrow. We provide you with up to date information regarding the status of your community’s’ open escrows. Our sales and traffic reports include: traffic, conversion, sourcing, zip code, and escrow status. This information is extremely valuable in identifying market effectiveness, opportunities and selection of marketing tools. Our reporting allows for more efficient and speedy close of escrows and to more effectively budget for the tools that are used to market your development.

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