Product Development

Innovative Properties assists in product development decisions throughout your projects’ development. Our objective is to quicken the process thus saving money and meeting absorption goals. Our highly qualified and experienced team consults on architectural and design choices. Because we assist in the selection process of everything from construction materials to interior finishes to unit size and unit mix, the job of meeting your customers’ desires improves.


The right set of design choices in the product development process improves absorption. We provide assistance with landscape and hardscape finishes, common area amenities, countertop, flooring, tile, molding, fixtures, appliances and cabinet selections that will appeal to your specific target market. Because we are in day-to-day contact with consumers, we remain current about design trends. We assist you to remain current and relevant in your design without becoming trendy.

Unit Mix

Innovative Properties is ready to review architectural plans and meet with your team to insure that you design the right unit mix. Our team provides you with powerful information gleaned from our interaction with buyers on a daily basis.
Advising you regarding current market trends which determine unit mix and design features informs you about what is currently selling. We provide insight on what is in demand for today and tomorrow. Pulling from our customer base, interest lists and current buyers to perform focus groups and conduct surveys provides you with up-to-date product feedback.

Architectural Review

Architectural design review and floor plan analysis is critical in determining the sale-ability of a new home development. Our Team reviews product type, site layout, and unit mix with an eye towards style, practicality and cost savings. Our recommendations are based on what your target market would desire in a new home. How many rooms are needed, how many baths, and what will have the best curb appeal are just a few of the items we look at to help you determine the best architectural design for your new home community. This helps you make critical architectural choices both inside and out. Even after the building is designed, our team can provide construction walks to assist in on-site decisions to improve the building and/or unit layout. Construction walks can be vital in catching mistakes, oversights and omissions before they become too cost prohibitive to correct.

Branding & Positioning

Branding is the cornerstone of marketing. Innovative Properties works with you to develop a distinctive position and a unique brand identity, including logo, media and graphic standards. We capitalize on the strengths of a real estate development and create an identity for it. We also look at the entirety of a development company’s portfolio and strive to create a unique brand that consistently distinguishes and identifies it as a property of our development clients.
Consistent branding is key. Your brand and all of its building blocks – logo, colors, voice, how things are communicated – is so critical to your success as a development company and to your individual developments. The identity created can be translated through all forms of communication, including the sales office, signage, advertising, PR stories and the website. The positioning and branding of your new home community needs to be both consistent and relevant to your target market. It differentiates you from your competition and helps build loyalty and trust among your customers.

Target Market Analysis

Demographic trends and profiles are crucial in determining a development’s core customer profile. Our team provides information to you regarding the target market of your new home developments. We identify the income, education level, age, and family composition of your target market. But not only that, as we work through the sales program for your new home community, we refine your target market based on the potential buyers visiting the sales office. The results are used to tailor our marketing strategies to maximize its impact on the target market to drive buyers to the sales office.

Competitive Advantages

At Innovative Properties, we constantly track and evaluate your new home community’s competitors, evaluating both direct competition and competition in surrounding areas. Our team develops strategies to overcome competition in the marketplace, capitalize on the advantages that your new home community possesses and position your new home community in the most advantageous manner.

Our Program

Innovative Properties assists our clients through the critical marketing milestones. Our team provides vital information in the development of the website, signage, model location, sales office location, collateral material, print and social media campaign. We know the importance of your marketing program and how its effectiveness can either assist in increasing the sales pace or slow it down.
Today’s smart marketing also includes PR and media placement. We coordinate with various members of the media and are able to get relevant placement, thereby getting your target buyers’ attention and have them walk through the doors.

Internet Marketing

Internet advertising has become the cornerstone of the marketing campaign. Our techniques help drive the community web site to achieve top positioning in search engine results. We have proven successful in marketing new home developments on the internet with the use of innovative and creative internet marketing strategies.

Social Media

Social Networking media is the new frontier for promoting and marketing of new home developments. Innovative Properties uses these tools, including Facebook, Twitter and others to effectively market your development in a manner that is both powerful and cost effective. We generate continuing interest with constant and innovative updates that attract prospective buyers.

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