Land Acquisition/Construction Financing

The development process starts with acquisition and construction financing. Because we study the marketplace, we provide our clients with investment opportunities as well as the data necessary to make intelligent, long-term decisions. Along with acquisition and investment opportunities, we offer our clients project density, land plan, site layout, and sales projection analyses.
Innovative Properties has established relationships with banks, joint venture partners and private equity investors to assist clients through the construction lending process. Throughout the process, we work with your financial partners to maintain confidence and trust by providing updated sales projections, competitive market analyses and pricing trend information.


One of the most challenging aspects of development is the complexity of today’s government entitlement process. With our years of development experience, Innovative Properties has a solid understanding of the policies and regulatory constraints placed on new housing development projects. As a result, we assist our clients in avoiding costly and time consuming pitfalls by understanding and preparing for the intricacies of the entitlement process. In an effort to move you through the entitlements process more quickly, our Team coordinates closely with your team of attorneys and consultants.
Innovative Properties has a wealth of knowledge and experience navigating through the government entitlement process, as well as the rules and regulations outlined in various cities and redevelopment agencies. Our Team has mastered the art of working with local government planners and other development review boards including but not limited to: general and specific plan policies, zoning standards, environmental reviews, the subdivision process, design review and public involvement.

DRE Processing

It is required of every developer building a subdivision (5 or more units) to compile a myriad of information for the Department of Real Estate (DRE) to review and approve. Our Team will review all proposed DRE required documents including Homeowner’s Association (HOA) documents, Pro Forma HOA Budgets, Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&R’s), Purchase Agreements and insurance quotes. We always have an eye towards reducing costs, risk and warranty issues.
Before the close of escrow of your development, our Team will ensure that the appropriate state and city documents are completed accurately. We track each document through the subdivision approval process. In doing so, Innovative Properties will help you save time and maximize the number of closed escrows as soon as your community receives a certificate of occupancy.

Project Analysis

Innovative Properties demonstrates competence, expertise and agility in assisting our clients to capitalize on the changing landscape and successfully navigate through the variability of the real estate and economic markets.
With our knowledge, flexibility and eye for new and profitable possibilities our Team assists you to overcome many of the obstacles that can arise during the development process.
We are sensitive to market trends and assist you to carefully manage and minimize its financial risks.
Our goal is to minimize risk, to evaluate market conditions and to identify lucrative target markets. We start our process by preparing pro forma revenue models and advising on construction materials, finish specs, design and financing.
We create an overview of the target buyer, zoning laws, amenities, and other factors for local market acceptance. The nearby commercial profile is important too. We’ll advise how various commercial properties can impact the residential sector. We work closely with neighborhood groups and city councils to get your development accepted and approved by the public.

Market Research

Our Team studies the major real estate markets in Southern California, including Los Angeles County, Ventura County, Orange County, San Bernardino and other key areas. We track sale prices, absorption rates, and pricing for new home communities. We also monitor relevant re-sale market trends and pricing. Our clients rely on our data to develop and refine land acquisition and marketing strategies.
We currently track and retain one of the largest residential sales data bases outside of title companies and the MLS. This information and trending analysis is critical data for evaluating your developments viability.


In today’s volatile market, all new home communities are seriously impacted. Innovative Properties is experienced in assisting investors and financial institutions to reignite sales, liquidate assets and return investments as quickly as possible with as much return as possible. When a property is under-performing or distressed, we have systems and relationships in place to assist our clients with the solutions to workout and/or turnaround an under-performing asset. With repositioning, rebranding, identifying new market opportunities and/or creating an effective pricing strategy, the community can be re-invigorated. This changes the consumer perceptions of the community and thereby increases the pace of sales.

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